Wintergods & Funebre Inferi - Strigoi / DeathCult 96 (1997)
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Wintergods & Funebre Inferi - Strigoi / DeathCult 96 (1997)

Genre: Ambient | Black Metal
Country: Greece | Greece
Year: 1997
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Size: 33 MB
01. Ancient Temple In Carpathian Mountains
02. Ritual Of The Black Priest (Panselinos)
03. ...At The Age Before The Heaven

Funebre Inferi:
04. Marching In Graveyards - Haunted Skull Of The Profanated Grave
05. Lost Sorcerers In The Pyre

Wintergods is a dark ambient project featuring Commando Wolf (Lord Wolf Darkoan) from Der Stürmer and Demogorgon from Legion Of Doom, Demogorgon and Stutthof.
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