Adalruna - Adalruna 2006-2010 [Compilation] (2014)
Adalruna - Adalruna 2006-2010 [Compilation] (2014)

Genre: NSBM
Country: UK
Year: 2014
Bitrate: VBR~240 kbps
Size: 652 MB
01. Intro
02. Totenkopf
03. Irminenschaft
04. Lord Of The Runes
05. Call Of The Solar Blessing
06. Gôt
07. Interlude
08. Misanthropic Dream Of A Pathway Overgrown
09. The Moon And The Wilderness Forest
10. Reluctant Death Of An Archaic Way
11. Rediviva Part I - The Midnight Lion
12. Rediviva Part II - Gateway To Qliphoth
13. Rediviva Part III - Runecross
14. Rediviva Part IV - FaMa e sCazIa reDUX
15. Outro
16. Gateway To Qliphoth (Demo Version)
17. Runecross (Demo Version)
18. Untitled Track
19. Cestrefeld 1362 (Overture)
20. Lucifer's Longing
21. Ascending To The World Of Man (Satan's Journey To Cestrefeld)
22. A Purity Divine
23. The Virgin's Soul In Hell (Devil's Dream)
24. Promised To Another
25. Satan's Plan
26. Devil's Interlude (Overture To 'The Mask And The Shoe')
27. The Mask And The Shoe
28. The Black-Smith
29. Midnight Marriage (Overture To 'Murder In The Crooked Spire')
30. Murder In The Crooked Spire
31. The Soul's Descent Into Hell
32. Devil's Prophecy
33. Victory Over Heaven
34. Exploring The Darkness
35. The Sword In The Earth
36. Edge Of The World (Loman Cover)
37. Drowning In The Ocean Of Despair
38. Growing Cold
39. My Once Idyllic Land
40. Blood Of The Aryan
41. Edge Of The World (Loman Cover)(Demo Version)
42. Summoning The Ancient Power Of The Runes
43. Strength Through Purity
44. Buried Alive (Venom Cover)
45. Road To Valhalla (Skrewdriver Cover)
46. Where Is The Strong One From Above
47. A Temple To Wotan
48. Alaf Sig Runa!
49. Sigi Slays Bredi The Thrall (Bredi's Drift)(Demo Version)
50. The Saga Of The Volsungs
51. Here Begins The Tale (...A Son Of Odin)
52. Skadi And The Hunt Of Sigi And Bredi
53. Sigi Slays Bredi The Thrall (Bredi's Drift)
54. He Was A Wolf In Hallowed Places
55. Odin Guides Sigi From The Other-World
56. The Gathering Of An Army And The Seizing Of Hunland
57. The Birth Of Rerir
58. Rerir Learns Of His Father's Murder And Declares War On Those Responsible
59. Praise The Gods Of War And Justice For The Slaughter Of Traitors Is Our Goal
60. The Apple And The Wish-Maiden Crow
61. The Traditional Pacification Of the Land And The Final Ride Of Rerir
62. To Enter Valhalla With The Mark Of The Spear
63. The Six-Winter-Birth Of Volsung
64. I Fight For The Gods Of My Blood
65. Iðunn
66. Hjoggum Vér Með Hjörvi
67. Angelcynn
68. Wodenesþing
69. Nordland (Landser Cover)
70. Devayana
71. Falki

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