The Religion Of Odin
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Language: English
Year: 1978
Pages: 2001
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Written by Irv Slauson.


The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Odin's Rune Song
The Hammer Token
Prediction from "The Oracles of Nostradamus"
The Priesthood of Odin
The Religion of Odin - An Introduction
The Name of the Religion
Who was Odin? Historian Edward Gibbons
Who was Odin? From the Prose Edda
The Mission of Odinism - N.J. Templin, Elder, The Runic Society
What is the Odinist Religion? - From the Asatru Free Assembly-Turlock,California
What is Odinism? The Odinist Movement
What are the Principles of Odinism? The Asatruarmenn of Iceland
What are the Principles of Odinism? The Asatru Free Church Committee
What are the Principles of The Asatru Free Assembly-California
This is Odinism - The Odinist Committee, London, England
The Nature of Odin - The Asatru Free Church Committee
Is there an Afterlife? The Asatru Free Church Committee
Excerps from the Poem - "Sigurd, the Volsung", by WM Morris
The New Heathen of Germany - Asatru Free Church Committee - Helgi Hundingsbani
The Song of the Shield Ring - Helgi Hundingsbani
Odin, Asatru, and the Exploration of Space - From the Asatru Free Assembly-California
The Havamal, or Words of the High One (Thorpe's Translation)
The Gods A Thumbnail Sketch - Helgi Hundingsbani
Odinist Organizations
Odinist Periodicals
The Odinist Calender of Festivals
The Odinist Calenders
Some Odinist Religious Observances
The Philosophy of Courage By US Civil War General Horace Porter By Kurt Saxon
The Gene Pool & Sexual Survival By Kurt Saxon
What are the Runes? Reprinted from the "Rune stone" - The Asatru Free Assembly
Forming an Odinist Study Group or Church - The Asatru Free Church Committee
A List of Study Texts
Places of interest to Odinists
Viking Funeral The Runic Society
Burial Customs of the Teutons
The Odinic Funeral - Asatru Free Church Committee
Glossary of Names and Definitions
The Marks of Liberty

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