Moonblood - From Hell - The Years Of Heresy [Boxed set] (2013)
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Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 2013
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 443 MB
Disc 1 - ...Of Lunar Passion And Sombre Blood:
01. Dwelling In Darkness
02. As A Soul In The Blazing Banner Of Darkness
03. The Quest For The Doctrines Of Might And Wisdom
04. Under The Goatmoon
05. These Graves And Wooden Coffins Are My Realm
06. Burning In Hell

Disc 2 - Taste Our German Steel:
07. Embraced By Lycanthropy's Spell
08. Sarg Und Tod (Part II)
09. Then Came The Silence
10. Troglodytin
11. Apocalyptic Vision
12. The Angel's Lament
13. A Walk In The Woods

Disc 3 - Dusk Woerot:
14. Dusk Woerot: Chapter I
15. Dusk Woerot: Chapter II
16. Dusk Woerot: Chapter III
17. Born To Live In The Shadows Of Damnation
18. Celestial Horsemen
19. Sarg Und Tod
20. Sarg Und Tod (Part II)
21. Untitled

Disc 4 - Templar's Penitence:
22. Moonstruck
23. I Am All
24. Hordes Of Hate
25. My Evil Soul
26. Templar's Penitence
27. Untitled

Disc 5 - Fullmoonwitchery:
28. Fullmoon Witchery
29. Under The Abyssic Black Wings Of The Third Angel

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