Celtic Warrior - Compilation Collection Double CD (2001)

Celtic Warrior - Compilation Collection Double CD (2001)
Label: Self-released
Genre: RAC
Country: UK
Year: 2001
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 57 MB
Scans: Yes
1. No More Brothers Wars
2. Our Pride Is Our Loyalty
3. U.V.F. Recorded
4. I Know What I Want
5. Soldiers Of The Fight
6. Memories
7. Walls Of Corruption
8. Zero Option
9. The Power
10. The White Flame
11. Survive
12. Will To Win
13. Now Or Never
14. Menace To Society
15. I Stand True
16. Loyal Kinsmen
17. What I Believe
18. For The 14 Words
19. Fighting For The Cause
20. A Raging Torent
21. Do Anything You Wanna Do

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