Nuklearenpest & Wulfgravf & Thestral - For The Resurrection Of Our Movement (2011)
SS Mann 17-10-2014 1 651 

Genre: Black Metal | Black Metal | Black Metal
Country: USA | USA | USA
Year: 2011
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Size: 88 MB
01. Of Elitism And War
02. The Prophetic Voice Of Death
03. Tomb Of The Patriarchs
04. Bound By The Spirit Of Blood And Earth

05. Wachungian Pagan Madness
06. Sight Of Skuld
07. Lunar Strength Ceremony
08. Drowned In The Well Of Mimir
09. Donersang
10. Song For The Allfather
11. Fullmoon Krieger
12. Lycanthropia
13. Blut Und Nacht

14. Aberth Cynnig (The Prologue)
15. Unconquered Clans
16. Approaching The New Dark Age
17. Of Archaic Origins
18. Cerdded Hyn Serol Glan Bythol (The Epilogue)

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