Qassam - Secret Weapon Tests In The Bunkers Of Genocide And Abomination [Demo] (2014)
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Genre: NSBM
Country: Hungary
Year: 2014
Bitrate: VBR~266 kbps
Size: 106 MB
01. Qassam
02. T.W.H.A.F.W.I.H.
03. Death To Everything
04. Satan's Servants
05. Blasphemer (Sodom Cover)
06. Sieg Heil Satan!
07. War Criminals
08. Atomic Sun Is Rising
09. Angel's Tearing Blood
10. Angel's Tearing Blood (Live)
11. Sieg Heil Satan! (Live)
12. Trust No One
13. Campo De Exterminio (Holocausto Cover)
14. Sieg Heil Satan! (Rehearsal)
15. Intro
16. Six Millions More...
17. Qassam
18. T.W.H.A.F.W.I.H.
19. Spid (Korrozia Metalla Cover)
20. Death To Everything
21. Satan's Servants
22. Blasphemer (Sodom Cover)
23. War Criminals
24. Atomic Sun Is Rising
25. A Vér Kötelez (Archívum Cover)

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Tags: Qassam


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