Skrewdriver - Rock Anti Communism (2002)
Skrewdriver - Rock Anti Communism (2002)

Genre: RAC
Country: UK
Year: 2002
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 97 MB
01. Smash the I.R.A.
02. Sick society (version one)
03. Shove the dove (version one)
04. Voice of Britain
05. Hail the New Dawn
06. Race and Nation
07. Pennies from heaven
08. White Power
09. Shove the dove (version two)
10. Don't let them pull you down
11. Street fight (1983 version)
12. If there's a riot
13. Midnight train
14. Soldier of freedom
15. Tomorrow belongs to me
16. Voice of Britain (version two)
17. Sick society (version two)
18. Europe Awake
19. Voice of Britain (version three)

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Tags: Skrewdriver


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