Pluton Svea - Battle Shout [Compilation] (2015)
Pluton Svea - Battle Shout [Compilation] (2015)

Genre: RAC
Country: Sweden
Year: 2015
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 86 MB
01. Hail The Swastika
02. Bodybag Boogie
03. Who Likes A Nigger? Ft. People Haters (Johnny Rebel Cover)
04. Battle Shout
05. Skinhead Girl
06. Stand By Me (Ben E. King Сover)
07. European Skinhead Army (No Remorse Сover)
08. The New Stormtroopers (No Remorse Сover)
09. Stöveltramp
10. Genom Kamp Till Seger
11. Nordmän
12. Nu Drar Stormavdelningen Ut
13. Öga För Öga

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Tags: Pluton Svea


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