VA - Anti Geldof Compilation (2006)

Genre: NSBM
Country: World
Year: 2006
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Size: 154 MB
CD 1

1.Ashes - Fimbulvetr
2.Astrofaes - A Moment Of Immortality
3.Benighted Leams - Believe, Submit, Obey
4.Bewitched - Resistances Soundscape
5.Contra Ignem Fatuum - The Belly Of Black Affliction
6.Dark Ages - 1347
7.Darkthule - Loyalty To The Blood
8.Defiance - The Lions Are Hungry Again
9.Der Stürmer - Poison Of Modernity
10.Ethereal Woods - Natural Selection
14.Fanisk - Nemesis
15.Forefather - Loyalty Bound
16.Hammer - Live H8
17.Kenaz - Kenaz Tod
18.Stalaggh - Untitled
19.Tanngrisnir - Cleansing By The Hammer
20.The Wizzard - Doomsday Radio
21.Thesyre - Intolerant
22.Ulfhethnar - Voz
23.White Hunter - Tide Of Dirt (Exclusive Version)
24.Woods Of Infinity - Thule Vaknar

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