Grand Belial's Key - Castrate The Redeemer [Compilation] (2001)
kamikaze1488 16-08-2016 2 340 

Label: Barbarian Wrath
Genre: NSBM
Country: USA
Year: 2001
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 197 | 208 MB
Scans: Yes
1. Foul Parody Of The Lord's Supper
2. Shemamforash
3. Reflections Of The Coffin Lid
4. The Slums Of Jerusalem
5. Castrate The Redeemer
6. Sumerian Fairytale
7. At The Blessed Grotto
8. Savouring The Virgin Pessary
9. Demonarchy
10. The Centaur
11. Conspicous Imagery Adorns The Nunery
12. The Seventh Enochian Key
13. The Holocaust Trumpeter
14. Mourners Flock To Gethsemane
15. Goat Of A Thousand Young
16. The Hexenhaus Vigil

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