Gul'dan - Demonic Enslavement (2017)
Gul'dan - Demonic Enslavement (2017)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year: 2017
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 165 MB
1. Merciless Beyond Mortal Comprehension
2. A Place Of Chaos And Fragments Part I
3. Temple Of Elune
4. Manifestation Of A Void
5. A Place Of Chaos And Fragments Part II
6. Beneath The Shadow Of The Darkened Spire, There Is No Light, No Mercy, Only Void, And The Chaos Within
7. In The Face Of Demonic Power
8. When The Dark Arts Call
9. Necromantic Terrors
10. Ethereal
11. An Agony That Goes Deeper Than Mere Flesh And Bone
12. Crystalsong Forest

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