Enbilulugugal - Let Us In [Compilation] (2017)
Enbilulugugal - Let Us In [Compilation] (2017)

Genre: Black Metal / Noise
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 161 MB
1. Let Us In
2. Giving Birth On Your Carcass
3. Unleash The Lard
4. Hippy
5. Giant Squid Will Always Have A Sexual Intercourse With The Holes On The Nagasaki Nose
6. Jabbering Jaws Of Mewling Nukular Larvae
7. Barfin To The Oldies
8. I Had A Lesbian Midwife Who Gave Birth To My Mother, While I Was Born Through My Mother's Womb
9. Black Yodel #9
10. Huffin The Shwarma Gas From The GoatPooner Spaghetti House That Makes A Sewage Stink
11. Come With Me Seppo Cunt We'll Take The Ute For A Fang Around The Maccas Carpark If Ya Keen For A Root
12. The Tale Of The Fat Sloppy GoatTwat And The Shit Slather It Left Behind
13. Helloween
14. Shittin The Black GoatShit From The Anus Of The Monk
15. Bla$femic $ong$hit $o Fukk

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