Goat Thron - Aktion T4 Vernichtung Von Lebensunwertem Leben (2007)
kamikaze1488 2-04-2017 1 123 

Genre: Noise/Industrial
Country: Poland
Year: 2007
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 132 MB
1. Intro
2. Delight Of Evil
3. Kill Invalid Target
4. Skulls In Remainders Of The Putrescent Meat
5. Goat Thron
6. At Last Came The Time Of Execution
7. Kristallnacht
8. Kill Invalid Target Part II
9. Crisis
10. The Barbed Wire Mutilating, Like Satan Rape The Carrion On The Cross
11. Mutilation Yourself But More
12. Gas Chamber Religion
13. Outro

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