The H Aka The 4th Reich - Satans Sersturm (Amateur Demo) (2011)
The H Aka The 4th Reich - Satans Sersturm (Amateur Demo) (2011)

Genre: Thrash Metal (Amateur Demo)
Country: USA
Year: 2011
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Size: 60 MB
1. Ich Habe Eine Reich
2. If You’re Black
3. I’m Not A Nigger!
4. Jews
5. Kill All The Revisionist Zionists In A Hearse Curse
6. Like Like Like...The Nazi - RAGE-A-HOL
7. Meningitis
8. Midnight Stalkers
9. Mongoloid Fuck-Doll
10. Murder Politicans, The IMF, The World Bank, Federal Reserve, The International Bankers, Open Fucking Hunting Season On Them All Just Like They Open Deer Hunting Season.
11. Nazi Vs Communist Communism Is Jewish Fuck You Harder - CHICO'S PRIZON
12. Neo-Nazi Nigger From The Ninth Layer Of Hell
13. Now That Life Is Almost Done (Dumb)
14. Pregnant Black Woman
15. Psycho Diabetic Coma Browbeaten Interruption Deep Sleep Mental Insanity
16. Racist Club Banging
17. RAH Vs. The World
18. Re-Mixed By The Devil - The New Leader
19. Rmbtd - Join The 4th Reich
20. Saturday Fucking Night
21. Scrotum Full Of Hate
22. The More I Observe Humanity The More I See Everything Turning Into A Political Dick Sucking Contest And Politics + Humans = Bullshit!!!
23. Who Are You Working For! (The Zionists, Socialists, Communists
24. The Holocaust Never Happened - Caution: Panties!

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