Special Treatment in Auschwitz: Origin and Meaning of a Term

Language: English
Year: 2004
Pages: 145
Format: PDF
Size: 7 MB
Table of Contents

I. Jean-Claude Pressac’s Interpretation
II. Critical Analysis of Jean-Claude Pressac’s Interpretation
1. The Explanatory Reports by Bischoff
2. The Himmler Visit to Auschwitz
3. The Mystery of the Bunkers of Birkenau
4. The Four Barracks “for Special Treatment” and the Bunkers of Birkenau
1. The Beginning of Jewish Transports to Auschwitz
2. The Origin of “Special Treatment” in Auschwitz
3. “Special Treatment” and “Disinfestation Facility”
4. “Special Treatment” and Zyklon B: The Typhus Epidemic of Summer 1942
5. “Special Treatment” and Disinfestation of Jewish Personal Property
6. “Special Treatment” and the New Function of the POW Camp
7. “Special Treatment” of Jews Not Fit for Labor
8. “Special Construction Measures”
9. “Barracks for Special Measures”
10. “Special Action” and the Erection of Sanitary Facilities
11. “Special Actions” and the Construction of Crematorium II
12. “Bathing Facilities for Special Actions”
13. “Special Actions” and the Internment of the Jewish Transports
14. “Special Actions” and the Storage of Jewish Property
15. The “Special Actions” and Dr. Johann Paul Kremer
16. “Cremation with Simultaneous Special Treatment”
17. The Crematoria of Birkenau: “Special Facilities” and “Special Basements”
18. “Special Action Hungary” in 1944
19. “Special Action”: Interrogation by the Gestapo
20. “Special Barrack ‘B’” of Auschwitz
21. “Special Units” of the Crematoria

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