Gestapo SS - Vinlandic Stormtroopers [Compilation] (2002)
Gestapo SS - Vinlandic Stormtroopers [Compilation] (2002)

Genre: NSBM
Country: USA
Year: 2002
Bitrate: 160 kbps
Size: 49 MB
01. Intro For The Rise Of The Vinlandic Stormtroopers
02. Fist Of The Zogcrusher
03. The Filthy Traitor Song
04. White National Socialists
05. Intro To The Aryan Hordes
06. Aryan Hordes Of Hate
07. Juden Raus
08. Wotan
09. Hill Of Beans
10. Stormtrooper Attack
11. Diary Of A Lonewolf
12. Intro
13. White Power (Skrewdriver Cover)
14. Aryan Superman

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Tags: Gestapo SS


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