Balder's death and Loke's punishment

Genre: Mythology
Language: English
Year: 1918
Pages: 56
Format: PDF
Size: 2 MB
In these incidents from Northern Mythology it has been my intention to be true to the version presented in the Eddas, about 1000 A. D., a version which is poetically consistent and which takes a higher flight, particularly in all that relates to Balder, than pagan literature in general does. This fact seems to be owing to the new ideas and the new spirit that the scalds received through Viking contact with Christianity in the South. The solution here presented for "Balder's Death" was worked out independently from facts given in the Eddas, to accord with conditions as stated and to ensure poetic justice ; and this solution is confirmed by Rydberg, who brought a wealth of medieval learning to sustain his argument in his "Teutonic Mythology".

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