Hermann Goering - Germany Reborn
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Hermann Goering - Germany Reborn

Genre: National Socialism
Language: English
Year: 1934
Pages: 45
Format: PDF
Size: 1.70 MB

1. Germany’s Heritage
2. The War
3. The Rebellion
4. Versailles
5. Weimar
6. Finis Germaniae?
7. Adolf Hitler
8. Black Friday - November 9, 1923
9. The Tactics of Legality
10. The Leader
11. The Brüning Government
12. The Papen Government
13. The Schleicher Government
14. The Victory - January 30, 1933
15. My Task
(a) The Reorganization of the Police
(b) The Organization of the State Secret Police
(c) The wiping out of Marxism and Communism
(d) Prime Minister of Prussia
(e) Aviation
16. The Making of a Nation
17. For Equal Rights, Honour and Peace

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