Gloriosa Bandeira N.S - NS Legion 88 (2017)

Genre: NS Black Metal
Country: Brazil
Year: 2017
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Size: 33 MB
Scans: No
1. Antifa Bom E Antifa Morto
2. Kali Vadia
3. Aryan Mallun 88
4. Voce Nasceu Para Morrer, E Eu Nasci Para Te Matar
5. Legion Blanche (Legion 88 Cover)
6. Gloriosa Banderia N.S.
7. Der Sieg Ist Unser
8. Aryan
9. Hail Satanas!
10. Judentum Zu Vernichten
11. Mourning Soul (Absurd Cover)
12. We Are NSBM!

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