Rac and Rall Radio - It´s beer o´clock (Broadcast from 26 Juni 2015)

Genre: Broadcast
Country: Argentina
Year: 2015
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Size: 191 MB
Scans: No
1. Nationaler Widerstand (Sturmtrupp)
2. Giustizia Sociale (Peggior Amico)
3. Keeping The Faith Alive (Straw Dogs)
4. Deutschland (Freikorps)
5. This Is My Fate (Steelcapped Strenght)
6. The Right To Be Proud (Violent Storm)
7. När Vi Höjer Glasen (Dirlewanger)
8. Land, Race And Heritage (Celtic Warrior)
9. Sverige Står I Brand (Pluton Svea)
10. Searching For The Truth (Mistreat)
11. Grips Of Fear (Cut Throat)
12. Mozme Byt Hrdi (Ancestors)
13. It´s Always Too Late (Brutal Attack)
14. Pride Of The Nation (Skrewdriver)
15. Ain´t Seen Nothing Yet (No Remorse)
16. No One Cares (Skullhead)
17. Man Against Time (Rahowa)
18. Theres No Crime (Day Of The Sword)
19. Your Worst Nightmare (Bound For Glory)
20. Phoenix Rising (Fortress)
21. Aryan Blood (Sniper)
22. L´angelo Della Morte (A.D.L.122)
23. Hell´s Your Place (Hate Society)
24. Geile Macker (Max Resist)
25. Uno De Los Nuestros (Rienzi)
26. El Regreso De Los Bárbaros (Barbarians)
27. Passado De Gloria (Brigada NS)
28. El Klan (Odal Sieg)
29. Gay Pride (Hais & Fiers)
30. Final Resistance (P.W.A.)

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