Rac and Rall Radio - Somewhere over the Beer Rainbow (Broadcast from 26 Juni 2015)

Genre: Broadcast
Country: Argentina
Year: 2015
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Size: 181 MB
Scans: No
1. Let´s Fight (MPU)
2. The New Awakening (Panzerfaust)
3. L´ennemi (Humungus)
4. Antifa (Sturm Rise)
5. Rechts Im Regal (Die Lunikoff Verschwörung)
6. Rebelle (Lemovice)
7. Barbacues And Barricades (The Ubertones)
8. Deutscher Soldat (Sturmrebellen)
9. Sistema Irracional (Kronos)
10. El Canto Del Trovador (Tercios)
11. Tinta Negra (Hispanica)
12. Principios E Conducta (Imperio Sulista)
13. Nordmanner (Kategorie C)
14. On These Streets (Pressure 28)
15. White Slags (The Croydon Criminals)
16. They Don´t Care (Final Veredict)
17. Zalaty Zolak (Molat)
18. Patridiot (Kriegs Legion)
19. Tak Daleko (Pozytywka)
20. No Way (Betrayed Blood)
21. Il Sogno Di Mishima (Skoll)
22. Memorial (Nordica)
23. The Road Goes On (Nemesis)
24. 88 Rock And Roll Band (Activist)
25. Inverno (Blind Justice)
26. Vitt Motstand (Vit Legion)
27. White Trash (Ethnic Cleansing)
28. Dobo Istvan (Werwolf)

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