Campo De Mayo & Permafrost - A Blindfold Stained With Blood ,Haunting The Forgotten (2009)

Genre: NS Black Metal
Country: Argentina | Germany
Year: 2009
Bitrate: 128 kbps
Size: 47 MB
Scans: Yes
1. Intro (Campo De Mayo)
2. A Blindfold Stained With Blood
3. For Those Who Were Forgotten
4. Another Glance...Even Colder
5. Back Into The Forests
6. Revelations Of Doom (Hellhammer
7. Under Branches Of Desolation (Permafrost)
8. Winds Wounding The Night
9. A Voice From The Mountain Side
10. Fog Spirit Of The Ancient Woods
11. And Fierce Shadows Crept Over My Soul
12. Leaving The Forests Of Vrimmr

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