Gas Chambers & Blood Division - The Prayer Of The War & Death Shards Of Obsidian Hate (2018)

Genre: NS Black Metal
Country: Mexico | USA
Year: 2018
Bitrate: 128 kbps
Size: 32 MB
Scans: Yes
Gas Chambers - The Prayer Of The War:
1. Resistance
2. Krieg And Pest
3. Orgullo Y Odio
4. Sangre Fuegom Y Guerra

Blood Division - Death Shards Of Obsidian Hate:
5. Intro
6. S.S.
7. Tlahuahanaliztli
8. Abhorrent Plague
9. Decimate Weakness (Might Is Right)
10. Death Invocation
11. Warcry
12. Islam (Pedophilia)
13. Christianity (Slave Mentality)
14. Judaism (Subhuman Slave Doctrine)

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