Shiksa Goddess - Goyim Goddess (2016)
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Shiksa Goddess - Goyim Goddess  (2016)

Genre: Nationalist Pop
Country: USA
Year: 2016
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 178 MB
Scans: No
Similar To MR. Bond or Walt Bismarck Will Be Covered Here By Several Mainstream Musicians. And Of Course In A White Nationalist Way. And The Whole Thing Is Very Professional

1. Auschwitz - The New Vacation Destination (Intro)
2. 3RD World
3. Mohels Royals
4. Destroy Them! Rapefugees
5. Like A Degenerate
6. Wailing Wall Wrecking Ball
7. Internet Troll
8. Putin 'Rasputin'
9. Gassed No Jews
10. Blank Check Blank Space
11. Jew 'Froot'
12. Rockefellers
13. Parasite On
14. Jew Psychiatry
15. New Right
16. Trump Train Can't Stop
17. Who Is Destroying The USA
18. Pieces Of Shit
19. Mud Blood - Bad Blood
20. Mossad

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