The "Nazi-Sozi": Questions and Answers for National-Socialists

Genre: National Socialism
Language: English | Russian
Year: 1931
Pages: 20
Format: PDF
Size: 322 KB
Have faith in the future; only thus will you win it.

Politics—No Thank You
The Economy and Politics
The Nature of Politics
Youth and Politics
The Class Struggle
Social and Socialist
The One-Class State
Muscle and Intellect
Nationalist and Socialist
Despair of Marxism
Monarchy or Republic?
A Flag of Black, White and Red, or of Black, Red and Gold?
Our Platform
Our Demands
The Middle Class
„THE MIDDLE CLASS“ - Proletariat and Working Class
International and National
Production and Nationalization
Parliament and Political Parties
Dictatorship and the Corporate State
War and Pacifism
Germany’s Freedom

Liberalism will die so that Socialism may live.

Marxism will die so that Nationalism may live.

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