Adolf Hitler: German Nationalist or Aryan Racialist?
SS Helferin 14-02-2018 1 103 

Genre: Biography, National Socialism
Language: English
Year: 1967
Pages: 20
Format: PDF
Size: 320 KB
"The question, then, is not whether Adolf Hitler was a German nationalist. No reasonable person could argue that he was not. The essential question is whether or not he was only a German nationalist; whether his nationalism was restricted to unthinking, flag-waving solidarity with his fellow state-citizens—an all-too-familiar phenomenon—or whether it went beyond that; whether his national ideal was the sort which manifested itself in a xenophobic dislike of everything and everyone not German (in the most restricted sense of the word), or whether it was actually the same ideal to which we National Socialists of today have dedicated ourselves.

[...] We have been living for many years now in an era of intense state-nationalism, in which geographical, rather than racial, criteria have determined who a man’s fellow citizens were, to whom he owed loyalty."

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