Boreal Wind - Ultima Thule (2010)
SS Mann 28-12-2021 170 
Boreal Wind - Ultima Thule (2010)

Label: Deleting Soul Records
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Russia | USA
Year: 2010
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 135 MB
Scans: No
1. Awakening
2. We Have Drunk The Blood Of Purple Dusk
3. Ragnarok
4. Remnants Of A Forgotten World
5. Path Of Scattered Ashes
6. Fimbulwinter - Land Of Shadows
7. Be Faithful To The True Gods
8. Lunar Chaos
9. Traces Of A Lost Sunset
10. Fimbulwinter - Dreams Of Eternity
11. My Enemy
12. Asgard
13. Ultima Thule
14. Hammer Of Rage
15. Dawn Of Night

Project of На Распутье and Lascowiec members.

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