Aryanwülf & Svartr Sturm - Split (2016)

Genre: NSBM | NSBM
Country: USA | Canada
Year: 2016
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 100 MB
1. At The Dawn Of A New Aryan Empire (Sieg Heil)
2. Herald Of The Ultimate Aryan Warfront
3. Kill The Jews
4. Forged By The Blood Of Wotan, And Forged By The Words Of Adolf Hitler
5. National Socialist Black Metal Skin Heads (As The Wolves Gather)

Svartr Sturm:
6. J'ose Espérer
7. We Shall Fight Again
8. En Route Vers Le Front
9. Fuck Antifa
10. On The Front Line (Better Dead Than Red Cover)
11. Sturmführer (Landser Cover)

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