Artists Are Idiots - Duckgrind Blitzkrieg (2013)
Artists Are Idiots - Duckgrind Blitzkrieg (2013)

Genre: Grindcore
Country: Finland
Year: 2013
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 42 MB
1. Intro - Nazi Ducks Invade Finland
2. But What If I Don't Like Duckgrind?
3. Subhuman Propaganda
4. Duck Disco Holocaust
5. Duckgrind Blitzkrieg
6. None Of Your Quacking Business
7. Quack You, You Motherquacker!
8. The Sound Of Ear Rape
9. Ridiculously Good Song
10. We Don't Give A Flying Quack
11. Outro - Ruumissäkkijärven Polkka

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