Chelmno: A German Camp In History And Propaganda
Chelmno: A German Camp In History And Propaganda

Language: English
Year: 2011
Pages: 187
Format: PDF
Size: 3 MB

1. The Orthodox “Gas Van” History
2. The Alleged Hitler Order, Zyklon B & CO
3. The Construction Order for the Chelmno Camp
4. “Gas Vans” in Chelmno?
5. The “First Systematic Extermination of Jews in the Warthegau”
6. The First Testimony: The “Szlamek” Report
7. Postwar Witnesses
8. The Cremation of the Bodies of the Alleged Victims
9. The Chelmno “Crematoria
10. Excavations and Archaeological Findings
11. The Alleged Number of Victims
12. Jewish Deportation Transports to Chelmno
13. The Alleged Gassings in 1944: Chelmno and Auschwitz
14. The Alleged Murder of Gypsies and the Children of Lidice
15. The Destination of the Deported Jews
16. The Value of the Content of the Court Verdict
17. Conclusions

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