Harsh Immolation - The Dying Wails of Islamic Pigs (2017)

Genre: Black Metal/Noise
Country: USA
Year: 2017
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Size: 43 MB
1. Satanic Ritual Hate
2. 100 Days Of Slaughter
3. Violently Hanged With Razor Wire
4. The Dying Wails Of Islamic Pigs
5. Burn Down The Mosque
6. Boots On Their Backs And Barrels To Their Heads
7. Beheading Of Muslims
8. Desecrate Anything Allah
9. Muslim Burn Pile
10. Festering Hatred
11. Your Children Raped And Parents Mutilated
12. Cannibal Christmas(Bonus Tumor Cover)
13. The Slow Hanging Of Muhammad(Bonus)
14. The Extremist Are Faithful(Bonus)
15. Weak Atheists (Bonus)
16. Jews, Muslims, Christians And Catholics Executed By Fire (Bonus)
17. Open Fire On The Followers Of Islam (Bonus)

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