My Part in Germany's Fight
SS Helferin 21-04-2018 763 

Genre: National Socialism
Language: English
Year: 1940
Pages: 247
Format: PDF
Size: 1 MB
The express purpose of this book is to dispose of such errors once and for all. The unprejudiced reader will come to the conclusion that if anyone, we National Socialists, and none others, had a just claim to power, and that everything that took place was a natural consequence of the unalterable laws of higher historical development.

The adversaries of the National Socialist Movement never wearied, when opposed to us, of trying to drive a wedge between the Leader and his original colleagues. From their point of view this was easily to be understood. They were not so foolish as not to know that their only chance of deflecting the Movement from its objects, and of ruining it at length, lay in breaking up the community of National Socialist leadership.


This book is a monument to the Party in its great struggle, and to the “Sturm Abteilung” (S.A., Storm Troops). It offers more to the world than could be gathered from any erection of stone or marble.

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