The Secret of the Runes
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Genre: Mythology | Esoteric
Language: English
Year: 1908
Pages: 25
Format: PDF
Size: 1.2 MB
Guido Karl Anton List (1848-1919), born and cultivated in Vienna, Austria, is the single-most momentous revitalizer of the mystic consciousness and traditions ofancient Arya. Without question, Von List was both a leader of and Master-authority on the Aryan spiritual/ideological revolution which preceded and shaped National Socialism. In his youth (at age 14), evidence of his esoteric destiny surfaced when touring the ancient ruins of sacred alter; he proclaimed aloud "Whenever I get big, I will build a Temple of Wotan!" And so he did - in fact, he established dozens of Aryan theosophical lodges throughout Europe, including the "Guido von List Society," officially founded on 2 March 1908, to support the work of the Master himself. Von List's sophisticated system of mystical thinking and spiritual ability pennitted him to divulge and restore lost insight and knowledge of our Folkish Ancestors.

Von List published many unsurpassed works concerning archaic Aryan practices, language, myths, doctrines, and spirituality - this includes "Das Geheimnis der Runen," from which this booklet is derived. His interpretations and analysis ofthe pure runic "FUTHARKH" is definitive and unmatched by any other contemporary work on the subject. For those initiates seeking enlightenment relating to Runelore, this booklet is fundamental...

-D.K. Stannislaus

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