Xenocide Interview
Thank you for replying to this interview, Kulturkampf Kriegshetzer. Firts, tell us about the origins of Xenocide, your influences and the current situation of the band.

The Origins of Xenocide are clouded in Obscurity for Xenocide is not a band, but a weapon against the modern world and it's subhuman inhabitants. It is a lighting bolt of eternity against time. Xenocide is not simply a digital download or a hard cassette, for these are but idols of the True Xenocide whish is the voice of war, of ancient battles fought long ago. A beam of light transmitted from the eternal realm where our ancestors and gods watch over their sons whoi carry on the fight, blessing them with the Courage, Valor, Might and Aryan Hymns to give them strenght on the battle field and guide them toward Victory or Walhall.

Your latest release is a split with the band Alocer 88. It's interesting that besides tracks by Xenocide and the tracks by Alocer 88, there’s a track written as a collaboration between the two bands. Tell us about the concept behind this collaboration and if you’re satisfied with how this release came up.

This release features a new dimension and layer of the Xenocide soundscape, which is always changing in this temporary world although eminates from the eternal. This release was planned some years in advance, the concept behind this Collaboration was to take an arm chair approach and let the other band record most of the Xenocide hymns while the original vessel channeled the vocals on most of the hymns only recording
guitars for one track Wotan is Calling. The same forces that brought about the Legion of the Black Sun E.P conspired to make this Split possible.

Some people believe Black Metal should be dissociated from ideology and politics, that it should be taken as a simple artistic expression that advocates a more individualized conception of being or simply as just an aggressive style of music. According to this perspective, any themes approached should be equally valid as long as they are in accordancd with the essence of the individual, not mattering if they are elevated or vile. On the other hand, some defend the idea that the genre should be
aimed to a social group with specific biological and behavioral characteristics, especially when it comes to NS Black Metal. Taking into account the lack of agreement in this environment, we would like to know your thoughts on the foundation of Black Metal as an auspicious manifestation.

Some "people" as you say can hardly be considered such in modern society, they are like robotic ants waiting to be crushed. They have been subhumanized many times again over the generations and domesticated into cattle. In order to be considered human or a person among our ranks you must first of all be apart of our ranks otherwise you are but sheep to the slaughter, animal humans and sodomite apelings lacking the true godly essence that makes one human. This is not their own faults of course but is a result of the eternal war that has been waged on us throughout all of our existence, that between the higher godly essence (truely what it means to be a man not an animal) and the forces of degeneration.

We know of your interest for themes related to Christianity, something that is not in accordance with the themes commonly associated with Black Metal. Please let us know your thoughts on the subject and how this affects your work with Xenocide.

Xenocide should more closely be associated with the ancient Aryan tradition that is the one true source of all civilizations and traditions including the ancient Israelites the Hindus and the Celtic/Germanic people's. Just as the modern world calls us Caucasian although if you go the Caucasus moutains today you will not find light skinned people's. Over the millennia many of these cultures intermixed with the animal populations creating the world as we know it today. The modern day Jews first of all should be considered a made up term and recognized as the Cannanites of the scriptures and not the sons of Abraham. Only from this perspective will any of the biblical scriptures make sense and can then be paralleled to other traditions including Hindu, Nordic and Zoroastrian.

Recently you have published on social media content related to the Aryan Nations. Please tell us about the relation between Xenocide and this organization.

Xenocide is not apart of Aryan Nations, only a studio session musician who worked on the production of the LoBS and KoBG split has affiliation with the AN. Xenocide stands for the return of the True eternal Aryan tradition which can be interpreted differently according to your modern paradigm but it's the call for self preservation of our kind.

The global political scenario has changed lately with the emergence of the so-called Alt-Right movement and the rise of the maligned “extreme right” to mainstream politics. We would like to know your thoughts on this phenomenon and if you believe that this movement can produce solutions to the problems we are currently facing.

The global political circus is a joke. It's like Santa Claus someone dresses up and the sheeple grow up but still think it's real. Gangs and Fraternities run nations not pieces of paper or laws.

Recently the release of a split between Xenocide and the band Forest Moon has been announced. Please tell us how did you come in contact with Forest Moon and what is the common ground between the two bands, ideologically and aesthetically.

Forest Moon and Xenocide first bumped heads years ago through various side projects members had been working on. Ideologically both stand for the values and ideals of National Socialism, Esoteric and Exoteric Hitlerism and the traditions of O9A. This release contains rare old demo recordings from each horde.

Tell us about the future plans for Xenocide.

The future of Xenocide is certain. Bring the hammer down on ZOG. Reestablish the sacred Aryan bonds of tradition and reclaim the Immortality of blood and spirit. Everything else is just for fun. Until Victory or Walhall or Ragnarok is here!

That would be all. This space is reserved for you to express any thoughts you might want...

Xenocide in no ways supports gay millennial ball cutting and fecalphiliac trends, as well is in no way shape or form associated with any modern day religious movements or political parties. Any claims to the contrary or people claiming to be Xenocide on social media or elsewhere should be thoroughly patronized for their obviously Jewish behaviour. The truth is stronger than heaven. Xenocide is raw underground heathen nsbm from Vinland. Prepare the way for our kin to face the eternal struggles of the natural world and always be ready to make the ultimate sacrifice. 88 — KKK

Interview by SS Helferin, February/2019.

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