Evil Poetry & Revolver & The Nameless One & Satanic Butcher - Four Winds Plague´s Meeting (2014)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Mexico
Year: 2014
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 157 MB
Scans: Yes
Evil Poetry
1. Riders Of The Unknown Worlds (Live)
2. Ollin Miquiztli (Live)
3. Marcha Al Infierno (Live)
4. Beyond The Trees Of The Sacred Forest (Live)
5. Glorificando Lo Impuro
6. El Hocico De La Bestia
7. Noche De Caos
8. Hijos Del Fuego
The Nameless One
9. Archaic Words
10. Maelstrom
11. Nameless Human
12. Pulqalholocaust / Blasphemer
Satanic Butcher
13. Homicide Repulsion
14. Somatic Death
15. Apotheosis Of Impurity
16. Beast Of The Damned

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