Ich kämpfe - I Fight!
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Ich kämpfe - I Fight!

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Year: 1982
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Comrade, never forget that you are an exponent and representative of the National Socialist Movement and our Weltanschauung.

The stranger will form his opinion about the Movement according to the impression he gets from you. Therefore, be a National Socialist in all your actions, in everything you do and leave undone!

For others, be an example of courage, discipline and devotion.

As a man be diligent, industrious and modest. Treat your subordinates like fellow nationals and not like pack animals. Do not regard them as objects to be exploited but as fellow-fighters and colleagues in our nationwide fight for existence. Never treat them in a way in which you, as a German and National Socialist, would not want to be treated yourself. Always remember that you are not a slave master but a leader and never forget what they owe to you, and what you owe to them.

In all you do, act as if you carry the future of the entire nation on your shoulders. Never expect from others what you are not ready to give and do yourself, and always be an example for your comrades.

As a leader, be responsible in executing your duties and be determined in giving instructions. Treat your subordinates well and be helpful. Never be narrow minded in your opinions on the frailty of human nature. Realize other people’s needs quickly and be modest in your own! Never get drunk!

Do your duties for the Movement and always keep in mind that the greatest achievements can only be accomplished by men who are willing to submit their own ego to more important common necessities and to common welfare. In everything you do, you should give your fellow nationals and comrades an example of what you would like them to be. Look upon the last one of your fellow nationals as someone who shares your blood, someone you are inseparably tied up with on this earth by destiny. Therefore, estimate the last German street-cleaner higher than the King of a foreign nation.

Never forget that for a nation freedom is the greatest good in the world. Without freedom there is no life and the loss of freedom cannot be compensated with speeches or labor, but only with a fight full of sacrifices. Remember that this fight for freedom can never be led by a social class but only by a nation! It is the task of your Movement to transcend all social classes and to form a nation that is able and ready to achieve the very best.

If you are fighting for the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, you are fighting for your people.

München, 9 January 1927
Adolf Hitler

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