Lord Of Depression & Infernal Sacrament & Tetragrammacide - Atomic Regurgitation From The Three Mouths Of Humanicidal Hate (2015)
SS Mann 27-01-2024 15 

Label: Behold Barbarity
Genre: Black Metal | Black/Death Metal | Black/Death Metal
Country: USA | USA | India
Year: 2015
Bitrate: 256 kbps
Size: 54 MB
Scans: No
Lord Of Depression:
1. Black Flame In My Heart, Black Blood In My Veins
2. 'Til Heaven Falls
3. Ultimate Rejection And Slaughtering Of Your Faith

Infernal Sacrament:
4. Cleansed By Hellfire
5. Invocation Of Asmodeus
6. Visions Of The Demonic

7. Intro
8. Vama-Psychic Vama-Pyric Vama-Prism
9. Transmutation Of The Ego And Flesh
10. Outro

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