Celebrations in the Life of the SS Family

Genre: Arts and Entertainment, National Socialism
Language: English
Year: 1939
Pages: 52
Format: PDF
Size: 2 MB
Celebrations in the Life of the SS Family
Annual Feasts of the SS Family: The Yearly Cycle
The Celebration of Yuletide
The Timetable
The Jul Wreath
The Baking
Yuletide Songs and Stories
Wotan’s Day and the Jul-Teller
The Yuletide Tree
Winter Solstice in the House of the SS Man
The Yuletide Celebration
New Year’s Eve and the Jul-Leuchter
The Easter Celebration
The Easter Tree
The Easter Eggs
The Easter Walk
The Easter Fires
The Time of May
The Summer Solstice
The Harvest Festival
The Death Rites
The Jul and SS Corner
The Family Book
Our Runic Letters
The Birthday Celebration
Special Celebrations within the Family
The Naming of the Child
The SS Youth Organizations
The Wedding Ceremony and the Wife’s Induction into the SS
The Funeral Rites
The Oath of the SS Man

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